Igbomina History

The History of Igbomina People


The Igbomina people are part of a large population of Yoruba speaking people of West Africa. The Igbomina people are found mainly in Kwara and Oshun States of Nigeria. They form the single largest population of Kwara State.

The history of Igbomina people started after the Referendum held by all Yoruba at Ita Ajero in Ile Ife. This referendum was held to discuss and decide how to decongest the over populated Ile Ife the cradle of Yoruba land. The outcome of the Referendum was that all the sons and daughters of Oduduwa would move out of Ile-Ife to find places of abode. Each prince or princess was given a crown and a symbol, which later became a token of their authority.

The Igbomina people were given a cutlass called “Ada Ogbo”. It is believed that this cutlass was given to Orangun of Ila. This cutlass is believed to have possessed a spiritual power that it acted as the pathfinder for the Igbomina people during their itinerary from Ile Ife to the present day Igbomina land. It is because of the path finding and route detecting roles of the cutlass that the cutlass was given the name “Ogbo mi Mona” (My cutlass is capable of showing me my ways). This was later shorten to “Ogbomona” which later, with the passage of time changed to Igbomina. So the cutlass (ADA) led the Igbomina people to the present Igbomina land.